Personnel composition, selection and training

Our colleagues work as employees or entrepreneurs at our company, their average age is between 30-35 years. Our senior staff and external consultants hand over their previously acquired special knowledge and experience on monthly basis throughout special trainings and practical work.

We select our colleagues through a recruitment group.

In case of object security, we settle the recruitment requirements according to the client’s needs after a prior consultation with the client. After checking the documents, certificates and references of moral integrity, education, personal- and property security trainings, we also check the life circumstances of the applicant and with the assistance of a specialist we get informed about the applicant’s personality.

Courses and education system

Daily courses: Before starting the daily service, our own head of service and shift leaders, who have the special knowledge on the given field, make and examine documented general and place specific reports with the executive staff.

Monthly courses: Theoretical and practical trainings held by the senior staff and external professional consultants, and exams from the acquired knowledge during the trainings (criminal law, civil law, psychology, forensics, shooting, self-defense, communication theory, situation analysis).

Higher level courses: Trainings for senior staff held by external professional consultants (finance and accounting, marketing, theory of strategy, risk analysis, quality improvement, business process, technical novelties).

Team building trainings: Once a year (obstacle course, survival trip, paintball).

Internal control system of our company related to property guards

  • Immediate control of independent work by shift leaders according to the guard instruction regulations.
  • Quality of instantaneous work through head of service.
  • Controls obliged to reporting are proceeded by higher level professional field leaders in variable density and at variable time.
  • Immediate and past time visual control opportunity through a camera system which has internet connection and digital movie recording.
  • Patrol supervision tools based on electronic and GPS basis with event log.
  • Supervision and retrospective evaluation of event logs and other documents on monthly basis, before archiving.
  • Our property protection corporation has an internal monthly - personal - evaluation and reward system, inducing activity and a positive attitude.

Professional confession

After gaining a great experience on the property security market, our opinion is that property security service at an outstanding level can only be successful in the long-term with a well-trained, reliable, continuously examined, demanding, dedicated, executive and leading personnel, with a well-organized background. This strengthens and tightens the relationship between our company and our CLIENTS.

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